Graduate Contracts

Graduate contracts are submitted via OnBase, the university’s document management system beginning Fall 2020. Contract revisions for terms prior to Fall 2020 should be submitted after updating the original Excel contract form. 

All contract submitters are responsible for knowing and complying with Mines Graduate Assistantship Policies governing the awarding of contracts. 

Guidance on Assistantships for International Students due to COVID-19

Incoming teaching and research assistants (TAs and RAs) must be physically present on campus at the start of the semester to receive a stipend and obtain health insurance. Due to COVID-19, obtaining a visa for Fall 2020 is uniquely challenging and international students may opt to begin fall semester fully remotely. For incoming international TAs and RAs who choose to begin remotely, tuition remission and fees will be covered for Fall 2020 semester. 

Contract submitters should use the Fellowship contract type for tuition remission in these cases. 

Access to OnBase Form & Workflow

For information on accessing the OnBase client, visit the ITS OnBase help site. 

Contract submitters must be approved to access to the graduate contract forms and workflow within OnBase. To request access, email Jennifer Briggs, Assistant Dean in the Office of Graduate Studies, at 


The OnBase workflow includes requesting any necessary approvals and student authorization before sending contracts for processing. Because of this, OGS encourages contract submitters to meet the submission dates below to ensure that contracts meet the processing deadlines. 

For new hires, the OnBase workflow will automatically send students instructions for completing the background check and new hire paperwork. Completing these items may take additional time. 



Suggested Submission Date 

Processing Deadline (contract must be received by MAPS/Bursar/FA) 


August 24 

September 1 


December 15 

January 1 


April 24 

May 1 


Contract Dates

OnBase is integrated with Banner and automatically populates contract dates to align with the semester. RA/TA and student lecturer contract dates may not be modified outside the semester. Hourly contracts may continue over winter break. 

The standard RA/TA and student lecturer pay period dates remain the same, with students receiving 8 equal stipends over the course of each term 

  • Fall contract pay dates are Sept. 1-Dec. 31 
  • Spring contract pay dates are Jan. 1-April 31 
  • Summer contract pay dates are May 1-August 31 

Please review the Graduate Website that explains how payments are broken down for Graduate Stipends: Details are outlined on the Graduate Assistant website  under “Terms of Appointment.” 

Tips & Tricks for Contract Submitters

  1. Take your time  
  • As you move through sections of the contract, give the system time to retrieve and display appropriate data from Banner. Some examples include: 
    • After entering a Student CWID 
    • Following the selection of a Contract Term 
    • When entering an Appointing Department 
    • While searching for a Supervisor 
  • Within workflow, give the system an opportunity to process the request by only clicking buttons/user actions once. For example, when cancelling a contract, enter appropriate text in the comments box and only click the “Send Request” button once. The system may not respond instantly but it will.  
  1. Have all your contract information on-hand 
  • Please note that contracts cannot be saved in a draft form (i.e. started, saved and resumed at a later time). Once a contract is started, it must either be submitted or closed to exit the contract. 
  1. How to handle Read-Only Documents (locked) 
  • OnBase has built-in functionality to automatically “lock” documents from editing if another individual is viewing the document. If you, or one of your students experiences issues making changes to a contract, such as student affirmations or amendments, the document may be locked by someone else. As part of Campus Administrator access, you have the ability to view the history of the document to determine the last person who viewed the contract thereby locking it. You may contact them to ask them to close the contract. If you cannot gain editing access to the document, please submit a ticket to ITS: 
  1. Use the Notes section at the bottom of each contract form to describe or explain more details about the contract that will help the next office in the workflow to review and process it in a timely manner. For example, state the type of work the student is doing on an hourly contract, or the fact that a new index is being used in an amendment to an RA contract, or the fact that a student is waiving Insurance.


  1. Contact OGS ( if you are uncertain whether your student is eligible for differential tuition coverage. Domestic students are typically eligible only in their first year if a non-resident and are expected to become residents for subsequent years. International students are typically eligible in all years of their graduate program at Mines. For students on reduced registration, a student is eligible for differential tuition coverage above 4 credits if the department or program covers the resident tuition for the additional credits.


  1. Chrome is the recommended browser for students and faculty to use when viewing contracts. 


If your questions were not addressed in the Training & Documentation guides, please contact the appropriate person or department below:

  1. For general questions about contracts and OnBase steps, please contact Jenny Briggs, Assistant Dean, OGS,   OR
  2. For technical questions regarding specific forms, fields, and workflow functions, please submit a ticket to ITS: