Career Center Workshops

The Career Center offers a variety of job search and professional development workshops. Please read the descriptions below to learn more about each workshop. If you are interested in having the Career Center present a workshop to your club, organization, or class, please complete the workshop request form at the bottom of this page.

Resume 101

Never made a resume? No worries! This workshop will cover the basics of a resume including formatting, design, organization, and content. Students will leave this workshop feeling confident they can craft a well-designed and organized resume.

Advanced Resumes

This workshop is designed for anyone who has a resume and wants to take it to the next level. This workshop covers specifics for resume tailoring, aligning resumes to specific job descriptions, articulating our skillsets and abilities, and other forms of resumes (CV’s, federal resumes, etc.). The Career Center recommends sequencing Resume 101 and Advanced Resumes when possible.

Job Search Kickstart

Knowing where and how to start an internship or job search can sometimes feel confusing. This workshop will help you gain an understanding of the job search process and develop a plan for launching your own job or internship search.


You’ve likely heard the expression, “it’s all about who you know.”  But finding those connections and people can be tough—LinkedIn can help!  This workshop will help you identify core pieces of your professional brand, develop a quality LinkedIn profile, and gain confidence and understanding for how you can use LinkedIn to network with others in your desired industry/field.

Preparing for Career Days

How do I stand out at Career Days? How do I make the most of the event? What should I bring?  These are all frequent questions students ask the Career Center when preparing for Career Days.  The workshop will provide tips and tricks for preparing for Career Days and making the most of the event while you’re there and after.

Creating a Positive First Impression at Career Days

Did you know that the average person makes a first impression of someone in less than 1-second of meeting them? First impressions are important at networking and career events, like Career Days. This workshop will help you design your first impression through helping you develop an authentic and genuine 30-second elevator pitch.

Interviewing – Utilizing STAR Stories

We all have a story to tell, and if you’ve made it from applying to interviewing for a position, the employer wants to hear yours. This workshop will teach the basics of preparing for interviews and how to craft meaningful stories that highlight your skills and abilities for a role.

Understanding Offers and Salary Negotiation

You earned the job offer, now what? Most students are nervous to negotiate their first job offer. This workshop will offer a general overview of interpreting a job offer, crafting professional counteroffers and emails, how to research salary benchmarks, and basics for what can and cannot be negotiated.

Building a Network

Not sure how to build your network? Learn how to build your network and understand how to maintain that network. This workshop is great preparation for those who may be attending a conference or other networking event.