Available Projects 2019-2020

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Characterization of the High Temperature Rocket Engine Alloy C-103

Simulated Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing Experiments to Evaluate Laser-Metal Interactions

Heat Treatment Optimization of Additively Manufactured Aluminum Alloys 6061 and AlSi10Mg

IMURF – Evaluation of Capillary Condensation in Synthesized Porous Materials with Finely-Tuned Pore Sizes

Robotic Blacksmithing – monitoring and control of a flexible, freeform metal deformation process

Improving Microwave Device Efficiency Through Quantitative Visualization of Electromagnetic Fields

Polymers from Dye Molecules

Modeling Well Logging for Oil and Gas Applications

Modeling Multi-Scale Electromagnetic Phenomena

Development of a Manual Probe Station for Electrical Transport Measurements on Nanostructured Devices

Using Artificial Enzymes to Expand the Range of Biosynthesized Chemicals

Hydrostratigraphy of the New England Continental Margin

Heat Treatment of Aluminum Die Castings

Metamorphic Manufacturing – Robotic Blacksmithing and the 3rd Wave of Digital Manufacturing

Purification of Helium from Natural Gas Employing Zeolite Membranes

Porous Crystalline Membranes for the Removal of Chemical Warfare Agents from Water

Machine Learning For Materials Characterization

IMURF – Innovative Methods for Characterization of Rock Joints

Molten Carbonate Membranes For High Temperature CO2 Separations

Spectroscopic Investigation of Lithium Transport in Electrolytes for Battery Fast Charging

Developing Brewster Angle Microscopy at Oil-Water Interfaces

Molecular Dynamics Simulations with 2D Materials

Automation and Integration of Microwave Network and Spectrum Analyzer Measurements

IMURF – Sustainable Use of Earth Resource Materials – Glass from Tailings

Changes in Groundwater and Surface-Water Exchange within Mountain Streams Due to Logjams

Environmental Microbiology in the Lab – Nanosensors to Monitor Capillary-Based Systems

Designing New Drugs to Treat Bacterial Infections by Inhibiting the Iron-Sulfur Cluster Biosynthetic Pathway

What Secrets Do Biological Particles Hold?

Modeling Nanoplastics and Polymer Separations Using COMSOL Multiphysics

Walk-In: A Biometric Security System based on Vibration Signals

Constraining West Antarctic snow variability with GNSS reflectometry

Modeling Dynamic Thermal Energy Storage for Concentrating Solar Power

Catalysts for CO2 Conversion

Green Synthesis of Metal Sulfide Nanocrystals

Organic and Polymeric Materials for Energy Applications

Electromagntic Waves Interaction with Human Tissues

Geological Context of Small-Scale Mining in Latin America

Deposition of Magnetic 2D Materials

Vortex Dynamics in Superconductors

Designing and Building a Point-Contact Spectroscopy Setup

Programming Electronic Transport Measurement Equipment to Study the Dynamics of Magnetic Domains

Optical Metrology for Advanced Manufacturing II

Optimizing Campus Food Waste Management for Energy and Nutrient Recovery

Mixed Reality for Gesturally Limited Robots

Confidence-Based Category Transition of Spatial Gestures

Crowdsourcing-assisted Prediction of Traffic Conditions

Distributed Spacecraft Network

Voice multicast in low power low bandwidth mobile wireless networks

3D Printing for Contact Lens Manufacturing

Enhancement of Activated Sludge Settling through Hydraulic Selection

Cyinosis Therapy by Gold-In Contact Lens

Energy Loss Mechanisms in Superconducting Quantum Circuits

Water quality impacts of ecosytem disruption

Weather Modification in the Upper Basin of the Colorado River

Structural studies of amyloid proteins

Investigating Regulation of the MEP Pathway in Cyanobacteria for Limonene Production

Membrane reactors for H2 production and NH3 synthesis

Hybridizing fuel cells with engines for efficient electricity generation

Energy storage with proton-conducting ceramics

IMURF – Adaptive learning and quantification algorithms for advances in geological exploration

Designing new drugs to treat bacterial infections by inhibiting the iron-sulfur cluster biosynthetic pathway

Porosity and permeability measurement in sandstone core samples

Deoxygenation of lipid based biomass into liquid fuel over non noble metal catalysts

Design, machining, and installation of measurement hardware for a Dilution Refrigerator

IMURF – Collecting and Analysing Case Studies of Extractive Industries in terms of various ethical perspective

Virtual Reality for Engineering Training

Discover Hidden Data Patterns in Microbiome for Improved Human Health

New and Improved methods for rock excavation in mining and tunneling

Characterizing change in biomass during diurnal growth of algae

Zwitterionic-nanoparticle dressing targeting inflammation and reactive oxygen species in Diabetic wounds

IMURF – A Networked Drone System for Environmental Monitoring

IMURF – Learning and teaching sociotechnical thinking in engineering courses at multiple levels and two universities

Porous Organic Cages: Understanding Crystal Growth and Emerging Catalytic Applications for C-H Bond Activation Reactions

IMURF – Understanding the sources of Carbon Monoxide

IMURF – Lossy compression for climate model data

IMURF – Formative analysis and improvement of sociotechnical thinking in a core EE undergraduate course

IMURF – Multi-modal characterization of rock joints

IMURF – Robot, Found: The Collaborative Human-Machine Poetry Writing Project

Heuristics for Problems in Heavy Industry

IMURF – Wireless Moisture Monitoring on Mass Timber Construction

1:40 Scale Longwall Mine Model for Explosion Studies

Distributed spacecraft network

IMURF – Assessing the Value of Remote Sensing Data for Rock Fall Hazard Prediction

IMURF – Automation to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery

Materials Genome – Understanding Boundary Structure and Mobility

Automated Lithology Prediction from Digital Outcrop Models Using Machine Learning

Understanding the Cultures of Ethics Education at Mines: Formal and Informal Mechanisms of Engineering Student Learning of Personal, Social, and Professional Responsibility

Scalable Nanomanufacturing of Next Generation Battery Materials

Petrogenesis of HED meteorites – insight into the internal structure of minor planet 4 Vesta

Fuel Cell Characterization

Characterization of Polymer Electrolyte Membranes

Beneficial application of wetland treatment materials

Novel desalination clathrate hydrate technology

Interfacial properties of clathrate hydrates

Attacking and Defending AI Systems

Security and Trust in IoT Systems

Innovative technologies for remediation of fluorochemical groundwater contaminants

Inexpensive Two-Dimensional Beam Shaping with Light Science Applications

Numerical investigation of multiwavelength algorithms for hyperspectral imaging and multimodal metrologies

Development of a 3D Human Trabecular Meshwork Cell Culture System Using Natural Biopolymer Scaffolds

Sustainable Development Indicators for the Mining Industry

Porous crystalline membranes for the removal of chemical warfare agents

3D printing of ceramic membranes for robust water filtration

Machine learning to optimize additive manufacturing parameters

Developing Robust Brain Imaging Genomics Data Mining Framework for Improved Cognitive Health

Monitoring and Characterizing Rock Slopes Using Remote Sensing Techniques

Hydrogen Fuel from Sunlight and Water

Quantifying beta cell function in adolescent girls with PCOS

Use oscillations to measure fluid density

Improve the resolution of oscillation-based mass measurement system

Optical metrology for advanced manufacturing

Wireless Communication Networks with Energy Cooperation

Wireless energy harvesting systems for low-power electronic sensors

Exploring Discrete Fractional Calculus

Formative analysis and improvement of sociotechnical thinking in undergraduate engineering design courses

Modeling in Discrete Fractional Calculus

Data Analytics in Virtual Reality

Monitoring Tailing Dams using Remote Sensing

Crowdsoursing for Identifying Sustainability Indicators

Sampling and analysis of novel anaerobic wastewater treatment reactor

Impact of Lanthanides on Wastewater Treatment

Extreme Universe Space Observatory on Super Pressure Balloon: In Flight LED System

Mysterious Light Flashes observed high above strong lightning by the Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory

Machine learning for materials characterization

Systematic Review of Rigorous Research in Teaching Introductory Electronic Circuits

Online Worker Selection for Spatial Crowdsourcing

The Optimization Geometry of Training Generative Adversarial Networks

Campus Energy Project

Mines indoor/outdoor air quality

Incremental Open-World Reference Resolution

Effect of curvilinear failure envelope on slope stability

Multiphase Flow of Gas-Liquid-Liquid-Solid Systems

Molecular Simulations of Clathrate Hydrates Nucleation

Autonomous forklift system for warehouse

Lithium-Air battery testing: understanding the impact of conductive binders

Virtual Reality for Autonomous Vehicle Interaction Design

Vortex dynamics in superconductors



Si clathrate materials for advanced semiconductors

Ethical Governance and Education of Emerging Technologies

Molecular simulation study and design of nanoporous crystalline membranes for water purification

Using Organic and Polymer Chemistry to Detect and Differentiate Radiation Sources

Developing batteries for extreme fast charging

Designing and constructing a probe for low temperature electrical transport measurements

Earth, fire and water – can topographic roughness help predict erosion and landslides after wildfires?

Fabrication of nanostencils for resist-free lithography

CO2 and Methane adsorption measurement in unconventional shales

Electrochemical Growth of Superconductors

Area selective atomic layer deposition for semiconductor device manufacturing

Subjectivity in building mold index through crowd sourcing

XBOFs: A New Class of Materials for Light Harvesting

Semiconductor wafer reuse by controlled fracture to reduce the cost of photovoltaics

Developing an App and a Carbon footprint to reduce campus food waste and support Mines pantry

3D modeling for modular wood construction planning

IoT-based Adaptive Irrigation using Reclaimed Water

Walk-In: A Biometric Security System based on Vibration Signals

Wi-Fi Based Smart Home and Security System

Metamorphic Manufacturing – Robotic Blacksmithing and the 3rd Wave of Digital Manufacturing

Heat Treatment of Aluminum Die Castings

Fatigue Properties of Grain Refined High Hardness Steel

Gravitation and Gauge Theory, Exploiting the AdS/CFT Correspondence

Understanding chemical degradation of perfluorochemical substances

Engineering Organic Catalysts for Alternate Energy Applications

Learning to Plan

Communication Decisions in Robot Swarms

How do engineering students view biology?

Molecular Dynamics Simulations with 2D Materials

Sediment dispersal patterns in the Permian Basin, Texas: Constraints from detrital zircon geochronology and heavy mineral abundance data

Electromagnetic Imaging using Time Reversal Technique

Antenna Array Simulation

Self-Healing During Fatigue due to Strain Aging


Abrasive Wear Resistance Testing of Dual Phase Steels

Hardware and Code Development for Atomic Scale Tomography

Extraterrestrial fluvial fans

Robot-Assisted Intelligent and Autonomous Infrastructure Inspection

Mixed Reality-Enabled Robotic Swarm Design

Climate map of an extremely warm Earth

Nanoplastics in the Environment: The Analysis Challenge

Developing ways for SciComm to Banish your Inner Impostor

Implementation of New Advanced Steels in Automobiles

Bore-Hole Induction Logging Simulations

Cellular Tower Modeling and Optimization

Layer by Layer Biofilm Growth

Politics of Renewable Energy

Revealing Structure in Atom Probe Tomography

Exploring Earth’s mantle with 3D numerical seismic wave simulations

Signal Processing Demonstrations for Inspiring K-12 Students to Pursue STEM

Next Generation Automobile Conductors

Spin and thermal transport in complex nanostructures

Accelerating Human Healing via Titanium Nanostructuring

Things Fall Apart: Designing Materials that Break Down with Specific Chemical Agents

What Secrets Do Biological Particles Hold?

“What Would Whitman #hashtag?”

Wire Composition Optimization for Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Alloys

Engineering conductive, biomimetic materials for use in energy applications

Phase field modeling of ductile fracture in metals using the FEniCS open-source software

Investigation of solid state lithium batteries

Synthesis and Electrochemical Evaluation of PGM-free catalysts

Development of N-doped carbon-based materials for energy applications


Joining Methods for Fiber Reinforced Composites

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy simulator

Vortex Dynamics in Superconductors at High Vortex Densities

* Indicates the project is no longer available.