Available Projects 2021-2022

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* Indicates projects that may be at or close to capacity.


Studying rivers through fluvial seismology

Primary Mentor: Danica Roth, droth@mines.edu (fluvial geomorphology and fluvial seismology expertise) and Jin Ge, gjin@mines.edu (seismology and ambient noise expertise).

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Liquid Metal Etching to Reveal Steel Microstructures

Primary Mentor: Emmanuel De Moor and Owen Hildreth further the undergraduate researcher will work closely with graduate students from both Professors' groups

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Greenhouse gases and global warming

Primary Mentor: This project involves faculty, alums, and members of Mines Foundation Board.  Thus there is significant academic and industrial expertise, including several very successful alums. These are some of the people who will be involved in this project. Dr. Anuj Chauhan | Stu Bennett Terrance Tschatschula | Steve Jones Steve Mooney | Rod Eichler Charlie McNeil

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Energy Storage via Gas Hydrates

Primary Mentor: Professor Carolyn Koh, ckoh@mines.edu (PI) Research Assistant Professor, Ahmad Majid, aabdulma@mymail.mines.edu

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*Slipping and sliding: hydrologic impacts of the Slumgullion Slide on lake delta formation

Primary Mentor: Lesli Wood, Professor, Geology and Geological Engineering (lwood@mines.edu) Paul Santi, Professor, Geology and Geological Engineering (psanti@mines.edu) Jeff Shragge, Associate Professor, Geophysics (jshragge@mines.edu) Brandon Dugan, Associate Professor, Geophysics (dugan@mines.edu)

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*Multiphase Flow Characterization Using a Benchtop Setup

Primary Mentor: I will be the primary contact for the student. some work will also be done with postdocs and other graduate students.

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*Educational research on global sociotechnical competency (to complement PIRE Responsible Mining, Resilient Communities grant)

Primary Mentor: Juan Lucena, Director of Humanitarian Engineering Undergraduate Programs. jlucena@mines.edu Jessica Smith, Director of Humanitarian Engineering Graduate Programs. jmsmith@mines.edu

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*Addressing hydrological impacts, debris flows, and landslides due to wildfires

Primary Mentor: Danica Roth, Assistant Professor, Geology and Geological Engineering (droth@mines.edu) Matt Siegfried, Assistant Professor, Geophysics (siegfried@mines.edu) Brandon Dugan, Associate Professor, Geophysics (dugan@mines.edu)

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